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Cala Luna is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and of Sardinia for the completeness of its scenery and the colour of its waters, with peerless blue nuances of the Gulf of Orosei.

Punta "Su Masongiu" to the south and the five caves to the north end, , providing shelter and shade during the hottest hours, are the backdrop to the long beach stretching for 800 meters.

The Seabed of Cala Luna slopes gently for the first 5 meters from the shoreline and then it becomes quickly deeper. The beach is mainly characterized by white sand and limestone gravel typical of the Gulf of Orosei.

Cala Luna is a surprise for the ones who are fond of the place coming back every year to bathe in its waters, as the shape of the beach changes every winter, depending on the rains, which swell the stream and because of the sea storms regenerating the spit of sand.

The possibilities

Cala Luna, besides being one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and in particular of the Gulf of Orosei, is the one that provides the most opportunities for lovers of nature: in this enchanting stretch of land you can rent canoes and practice trekking, climbing and snorkeling.

Those who decide to get to the beach by walking will return later back to the harbor by our boat, it’s indeed a more convenient option that enables you to enjoy the beach as long as possible meanwhile avoiding the fatigue of the ascent, what at the end of the day is considerably important.

The Eleventh gives you the opportunity to arrange your day at best:
you can choose to get to Cala Luna walking and sailing back with the utmost comfort, to implement your visit to Bue Marino caves taking advantage of the Combined offer, or to return with us in order to enjoy the beach as long as possible.



Departures from the port every 30 minutes.

  • From March to October: 9:00am - 4:00pm
  • July and August: 09:00am – 5:00pm

Prices range depending on the season.
See the sections Rates and Schedules at the page bottom


Located in the Mediterranean maquis, behind the beach, you’ll find the old coal shop that has been transformed in the 80s in a quaint bar / restaurant ideal for a cool drink or to enjoy an ice cream.

On the beach there is a rental service for sea equipment, beach umbrellas and deckchairs.

For families with small children in tow small canoes to venture on the river behind the beach are available.

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    The trekking routes

    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Suitable for: Everyone
    • Travel time: 2 h
    • Differences in height: Mainly flat
    • Recommended clothing: Trekking or tennis shoes
    • Recommended Equipment: Water, Smartphone with gps
    • Recommended departure time: Not later than noon

    The most famous path to reach Cala Luna is the one that starts from Cala Fuili. Park your car at the end the road which, from the hamlet of Cala Gonone, stretches towards the headland above the beach of Ziu Martine and Fuili, and then proceed along the steps leading to the dry bed of the Codula (i.e. canyon) of Fuili.

    Just out of the woods you will come to the beginning of the the path leading to the Bue Marino Caves (first deviation of the route), Ziu Santoru, Oddoana (deviations not reported, it is easy to get lost) and Cala Luna. You will walk along a path in the shade of oaks and junipers and will meet three great difference in soil vertical drop: the initial one from Codula di Fuili, a successive one corresponding in terms of linear distance to Ziu Santoru beach and a final one, sloping down quickly to the bed of the codula Ilune.

    You can remark the most scenic overlooks at the start, after passing the first height difference behind Cala Fuili and near Cala Luna; from this latter you can enjoy the beach view from above.


    Sentiero Buchiarta - Iscala e S'arga
    • Difficulty level:  average
    • Suitable:  for everyone
    • Journey time:  1 hour and 20 minutes
    • Vertical drop:  Vertical drop gently sloping
    • Clothing:  Trekking shoes or trainers
    • Equipment: Water and gps device
    • Recommended departing time:  Not later than 11am

    One of the most evocative paths to Cala Luna is the one that begins from the village of Buchiarta. The starting point of the trek is reached along the road to Ghivine, which can be accessed after the the first hairpin bend of the SP26 (Gonone – Dorgali provincial road) taking the junction to Buchiarta.

    After leaving your car in the vicinity of the street running along the sea-cliff and leading to Buchiarta you will proceed downhill on an average rough trek, with very striking scenic spots on the Codula (i.e. canyon) of Ilune. After getting to the dry riverbed we will go on eastward along the Codula for about half an hour until reaching Cala Luna beach.


    Traccia GPS con rientro da Iscala e S'arga (vedi sopra)

    Sentiero Buchiarta - Molente e rientro da Iscala e S'arga
    • Difficulty:  average
    • Suitable:  for everyone
    • Journey time:  1 hour and half
    • Differences in ground level:  Average sloping
    • Clothing:  trekking shoes or trainers
    • Equipment:  Water and gps device
    • Recommendend departure schedule:  Not later than 11am

    The most impressive path that leads to Cala Luna is the one that starts from the sheepfolds of Buchiarta. The starting point of the trekking route can be reached along the road to Ghivine that you access after the first hairpin of the SP26 (Gonone-Dorgali provincial road) and taking the junction to Buchiarta. You park your car at the end of the viable route, close to the sheepfolds, and you go on downhill through the forest.

    After 10 minutes you will reach a downward path with stony ground boasting very striking viewpoints along the Codula (i.e. canyon) of Ilune. When you get to the dry riverbed, you will proceed eastward along the Codula for about 40 minutes until reaching Cala Luna beach.


    Since the early eighties climbers such as Manolo rested their eyes, and then their fingertips, on the vertical cliffs of Cala Luna, attracted by the majestic and imposing rocky ledges over the sea, being the very first to try the thrill of climbing a few meters above one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

    The cliff of Luna, this is the name of the most popular rocky wall, became quickly the symbol of "sea view" climbing and in a short time his fame has spread all over the world. Grottoni and Su Masongiu areas are not less evocative with their scenic spots at the climbing end.

    Take a look at the website to find out all the updated routes and their maintenance status.


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    Climbing route overview



    Cala Luna beach, haunted since the early 50's, reaches the height of its fame in the mid-70s, as the main location of the movie "Travolti da un insolito destino nell'azzurro mare d'agosto" by the film director Lina Wertmüller, a romance standing out for a great interpretation by Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato. Later minor productions such as "il signor Robinson", stared by Paolo Villaggio, and some closing scenes of "Black Stallion", shot in 1979.


    Cala Luna is located in the municipality of Dorgali. It is a river beach regenerated each year by the bed of "Ilune", a torrential river which is the correct toponym of the beach. This is derived like many other places of central Sardinia, from the verbal stem of the name of the ancient "Ilieĩs" or "Ilienses", a population that settled on the island around 1100 BC, presumably after the defeat of Troy.

    Until the middle of the past century it was mainly crowded with coal miners and shepherds working in this area. There are still many traces of charcoal burners, while some sheepfolds (the so-called “cuiles”) are exploited as a refuge for those who walk for several days.

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